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z0r Nyan Competition

Last time on z0r board, I professed my newfound love of the nyan dance that apparently originated in an anime callde Macross Frontier:
Be that as it may, I also found out that back in the day, people used to recreate this dance in real life to have fun on the internet. like this:
I think reviving this custom would be a good way to reinvigorate our community, renewing old bonds and creating new ones! "But this is z0r, not TikTok – looking at each other would be unbearable!". I hear you cry, and you're probably right. Therefore I suggest that we just upload voicefiles of us singing "Nyan nyan nyan nyan ni-hao nyan" in the cutest manner we can muster. After a time, let's say five years or so, when enough submissions have been made, we'll have a thread to elect the cutest from our ranks. I'll upload my submission soon – don't worry, I'll keep the bar low so that further competition isn't discouraged.
If anyone actually wants to upload themselves doing the dance anyway, they'd be most welcome to do so of course!

What do you say??

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