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The future of z0r

If you still want to use this site as normal (or view every single upload for archiving the ones you like, as I do) you may still use
flash. It is obviously not 100% secure and you *should* sandbox the entire thing... but I guess we can trust z0r and not go anywhere else

1. Install Waterfox - the newer one, not classic
2. Remove existing flash
3. Install version 32_0_r0_371 for firefox (filename flashplayer32_0r0_371_win.exe) from link
[Web archive of flash download, it IS slow and rather heavy, ~250mb as it contains every version of that snapshot]
4. Install it and enable usage in Waterfox
5. (for archiving by hand like me) right click -> page info -> media -> .swf -> download

You still shouldn't use this browser for any other use while the flash is still on.
Waterfox itself is pretty nice, but again flash has to go before normal use (Mozilla is turning sour)
(Vivaldi is neat from the chromium side of things too, or just some ungoogled chromium)
My code sometimes works

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