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Insel Simulator 2015

Hallo liebe Freunde / Wahnsinnige / Flash-loop liebhaber (oder wie man sonst die anderen Leute nennt, die neben einem selbst sich gerne Flash loops geben)

Da ich gerade eine hübsche E-mail bekommen habe, wo ich aufgefordert wurde irgend einen Scheiß zu posten, dachte ich mal, dass ich euch von meinem aktuellen
Android Projekt erzählen will. Dem "Insel Simulator" Big Grin Das Spiel verfolgt das Konzept "Wort + Simulator = Name für Spielekonzept" und bekommt daher durchaus
die Note "Sinnfrei (6)". Da dieses Board bilingual ist, werde ich im folgenden Text das Spiel auf Englisch beschreiben xD.

Es folgt eine Durchsage zu....

[Image: s1.png]

Quote:Have you always wanted on "the island?"
You will be on an adventure unlike any other.
The island Simulator offers you a fun-filled game with lots of missions around the life on the island.
You always wanted to fish? - Check your skills in this ecosystem.
Do not miss the unique opportunity and get play this game!
                                                                                   - Play store description (it sucks, right? xD)

So basically some facts. This game is being developed during my free time. There is currently one
member in the developing team. The project is running for about one year.

Current Features:

 - Working DIY 3d engine based on OpenGL
 - Looting
 - Harvest crops
 - bake bread
 - go fishing

 - Helpfiles
 - Multilanguage support (still working on it!)
 - Over 50 3d models
 - Plants / Trees / Stones and rocks!
 - Ressource management system (health / hunger / thirst)

[Image: shadow.png]

[Image: winter1.png]

[Image: newisland.png]

Some video:

So yeah, that is basically my project right now.

You can download and test the current version in the play store:
Play Store Link! - It`s FREE! So give it at least a try Smile

Oh god, looks like you relly put a lot of time into that... and over 100k installs? Not bad.
There is a theory wich states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

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