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Adobe announces the end of Flash

Quote:It's finally happening. Long regarded as a miserable blight on the world wide web, Flash is going to the great tech graveyard in the sky - or perhaps to the depths of hell - and a date has been set for its demise.

Today, Adobe announced that it is "planning to end-of-life Flash", and said it will "stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020". For now, Adobe remains "committed to supporting Flash through 2020", and will continue to distribute security patches, maintaining OS and browser compatibility, and even adding new features and capabilities "where needed".

The company also said that it plans "to move more aggressively to [end-of-life] Flash in certain geographies where unlicensed and outdated versions of Flash Player are being distributed."

The demise of Flash is far from a surprise, and some would say it's long overdue, particularly given the security risks that it's presented over the years. With the availability of newer web standards, such as HTML5 and WebGL, Flash has little reason to exist; major browsers have already begun phasing out their support, including Firefox, Chrome, and Microsoft Edge, which started blocking Flash content by default with the Windows 10 Creators Update.

That really is a pity...

So we have to find a way to preserve the flashloops til 2020?^^

(26-07-2017, 10:14)obi Wrote: That really is a pity...

So we have to find a way to preserve the flashloops til 2020?^^

We can use "webm" Wink

WebM is not a flash alternative. WebM is only for video content, flash can be scripted and interactive.
HTML5 could be a real alternative, since it actually is capable of pretty much everything that flash can. 

The problem here is the conversion. 
There have been quite a few tries to make an Flash to HTML5 converter and i tried most of them and... the results are horrible. It will maybe "kind of" work (the results will maybe look a litte different) for like 5% of the files on z0r. The rest is completely broken or not playing at all.

In my opinion the only way that fash could be saved is if Adobe decides to open source flash. This way a real Flash-HTML5 engine could be written. (and thus would be saved! Big Grin )
Sadly, that is not very likely.  Undecided
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well shit

what will become of z0r then?

Sadly I think WebM wont save z0r at all, because like eins said WebM is only for videos, its a great way to encode your fav videos but not your fav flashloops, trust me I converted the whole z0r archive from flash into vp9 webm, and I guess the time I made it I had over 6000 loops to convert and after I was finished converting ~4000 were completely unusebale because ffmpeg cant do shit with the actionscript instead of showing the 1 frame of the png that is not scripted, so it's not really possible to convert actionscript flash loops into webm format, what you can do is record them from your screen, it maybe sounds a bit crazy but it's the only real way to get your flashloop into html5 compatible format.

And yes HTML5 itself could be a alternative, you can do many cool things with js and css3, but wouldnt be the same.

I, for once, welcome our new HTML5 Overlord!

Sad to see it go. I remember all the flash videos from Newgounds that got be into video animation. Fun times.
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You could convert them to videos and provide a 'change to flash version' button and only allow to add HTLM5 for new posts. (And maybe option which only shows the swf )

Maybe you could also add a convert from swf to video. 

Since you gonna review which post is going to add on update, you even dont need worry about that HTML5 is to powerfull.

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