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You can save the website on your desktop and
extract the .swf file just by drag&drop.
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There are many possibilities to download swf files and i would not need your program.

The GUI looks like trying to take the Vista look on a XP computer and you broke all guidelines ever made for windows programs (even if there are only a few)
The Download is the same speed your internet connection is fast - your program has only the possibility to start several threads and this is very difficult in vb6 so i do not think you made it this way.

For me it looks like you only want to announce your website - the intro end outtro of the video is much too long.

Content removed.

(22-02-2011, 22:24)NiTrO Wrote: Also my programm will Reg add a string so you can open the swf files in your browser "without right click > open with. Just double click & done"

When Adobe Flash Player is installed, the swf file will open in a additional window without the browser.
[Image: demyxsignatur.jpg]


I made something similar, however it does not bug you with a download box once you press download, you can also download mass SWF's which is allot easier than doing it one by one. With this you could easily download all 2000 SWF's from z0r.

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Hey, you have stolen my idea Big Grin


This app exists for more than 9 months but i never published it because of traffic cases.

It is possible to download from every website with using the placeholder.

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