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File sizes (Easy GIF Animator)

So I'm using Easy GIF Animator to make flashs directly from videos but usually the files will be so much higher than the z0r's max 2mt so that I'll either only be able to use less than 10 frames (which ruins framerates and allows me to only make loops of 1 or 2 seconds) or I'm gonna have to resize it so small that it's gonna look like trash with pixels.
Yet I see many 10+ second long loops here with perfect quality, how do they manage to fit that in the 2mt? Am I using the wrong program here or what? I tried Adobe Flash CS6 but it seems quite complicated and I can't get it to work properly. Any suggestions for another program to easily make loops from videos? Or some other tips to reduce the size of the file?

Help me out here please.. Undecided

If you have installed Adobe Flash cs6 you also have the "Adobe Media Encoder".
With this tool you are able to cut your video and convert it into .flv format. After you converted the video, you only need to drop the .flv file on your stage in adobe flash. fin.

(PS: I use Sony Vegas to cut the videos and music, the Media Encoder is only there for the .flv conversion ^w^)

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