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Baseball bat

So, I've been searching this one loop quite longer than I expected and I can't find it..
So, in this one loop there was an anime girl with baseball bat and some metal music to it. If someone recognize it - then good, just give me the title of this music. If not, and you know only the link to this loop then I will be really grateful for this one too. Because this song is stucked in my head and I need it right nao :T
Thanks, anyway!

Could it be that the anime girl was haruhi suzumiya? I know a loop you could mean but I dont got the nummber or the song :/
Will search a litle maybe im lucky.

P.S.: If you want to search for yourself better use this:
Don't hate me for my opinion, because wood isn't tasty and deep shit is deep.



Guys, you are great!
Take care Heart

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