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Rejected + oversized loops - Share them!

uuuuuuuuh... didnt i approve that already? i figured it must have been a duplicate Huh
There is a theory wich states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

I decided against uploading this one because only 10% of it are animated.
(This is not the music I originally intended for this loop. Not gonna waste it for the bin.)

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.swf   triforce spectacle.swf (Size: 1,47 MB / Downloads: 18)


Really wanted this on z0r! But the filesize told me otherwise (╥_╥)
Go homestuck or go home!
[Image: giphy.gif]

This one was oversized, to my dismay. :c

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