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To get things started.

So it's finally here, the forums!
So, as the subject title says, let's start the offtopic threads with a simple one.

Post a reply including how your day was ,and your favourite flash-animation link. (Don't be shy, just post)

To be fair, I'll start. My day was ok until I discovered these forums. Then my day started to be awesome. And
[Image: Husikam-0.png]
[Image: bannereinsone.jpg]

Well.. my day started yesterday 3pm.. now its 5 pm that means i'm 26 hours awake and more to come.

(25-08-2010, 16:49)Husikam Wrote: And

This is a really awesome flashloop - I love it *Lucky Star* Wink

So my day was okay ... just a bit boring sometimes until now because I am doing science.
Portal like ;P

yes the lucky sttar flashloops are rly funny^^
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