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(05-11-2010, 10:54)チルノ⑨ Wrote: Then it seems that Syndromatic doesn't like

I only hate the Sites where you can't close the Tab ...
[Image: ritsu_fontbigga58.jpg]

Realize what they find's not fate, this is not me!This is me!

(30-08-2010, 18:59)farmjunk Wrote: so at first i was likeDodgy then i went and saw a squirrel
then i was likeExclamation so i started to chase the thing down.
he was really fast and i started to get Angry.
but then i went all Idea and got some sausage, squirrels love sausage for some reason.
he came closer looking kinda Confused so i through him a bit which he ate really fast and looked at me like Tongue
we then went and started battling pokemon for cash to buy more sausage.
i love sausage too...

You're taking one hell of a drug...
ya lyubyu tebya

Heart Heart Heart Heart

I love everybody!

who does not? ;D
here ^^

The shortest answer Big Grin
I Heart U

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