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Do you know other forums like this?

You know what I mean? This complete sense of freedom, this knowledge that you can pretty much write whatever you want. A year or so ago I found something similar in an ancient german Serial Experiments Lain forum. When I registered there in order to post a little bit and maybe take a dive into the old threads from the early 2000s, it went down. As if it had never existed. I don't know if the admins simply turned it completely private after they noticed my attempt to get in or really took it down or ... . In hindsight I really regret it.

However, do you know other charming empty forums that are worthwhile to check out if one has a penchant for Internet melancholia?

I know of this occassionally pulsating cadaver of the German 'emuforum':
Its only readable for registered users and registrations are not possible anymore as far as I know, so I guess my own hint is of not much help for other interested parties. (Aber vielleicht erinnert sich ja noch jemand anderes hier ans emuforum 8) ?)

Small chans with otaku culture focus are other places with the kind of vibe I'm talking about, or at least the closest approximation of it that I can think of. Obviously the culture in such places is slightly different and they still tend to have a modicum of activity.

What I'm looking for mainly are completely dead forums where life once bloomed in the odd idiosyncracies peculiar to old bulletin boards. Yeah, that sums it up. However, those on the threshold with some occassional posts would also be interesting.

Okay, thank you for your attention!

Stumbled upon a really old anime fan site recently, found out it's forum was closed not so long ago, didn't bother to read through it though:

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