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The future of z0r

I hope our z0r will upgraded successfully and show a lot of updates and good old loops and music. Thanks for all the work you have done in the past, this is an unique and wonderful site.

(01-07-2019, 00:45)Genoard Wrote:
(26-06-2019, 20:46)Terresk Wrote: In WebM you can't achieve that, but in HTML5 with JS and CSS you are able to achieve literally anything that flash can, for example 0x40 hues, I don't know if you remember them, but it started as a flash and they ported it to javascript and it's working flawless! Take a look at that:

Flash is not superior to HTML5 and it's components, it can't even be compared with WebM in general, two completely different things, webm is only video and flash was able to also play a video or do something completely different, it was more like a sandbox, which is HTML5 aswel it deperends solely on the users and the creativity to make new content... Content for 2019 Smile

Oh yeah, those were (and still are) cool. In fact, and are both still up though xmas seems to have switched to HTML5 (or was it always? I don't remember).

While i do not disagree that with those modern web components you can achieve the same output as Flash, there is another problem with them- it is accessibility. I do believe Flash owes a big part of it's popularity to how easy and fun it was to start creating with it's intuitive WYSIWYG editor. Correct me if i'm wrong, but the same cannot be said about HTML5. For example, the page you linked runs 4 script files and after a quick look through them i did not understand a thing.

Yes there isnt a really popular sandbox like editor for html that I know of yet, but this can be done if someone is dedicated to that.

Hi, i just wanted to ask if you still are pursuing this project because i too am working on preserving this website. Currently i am working on this alone, since i thought that this board was dead which it isn't to my surprise!

(03-03-2019, 18:16)eins Wrote: Hello everyone!

I'm planning on converting most of z0r to WebM, since (as most of you probably already know) Flash is dying.
I was successfull in creating a script that can convert about 8/10 flash loops with acceptable results. The remaining loops will have to be converted by hand or some other method.
Once this process is done, i will probably switch z0r to WebM! But dont worry, i will also preserve a "legacy" version with the Flash files, since a couple of features will be lost in the conversion process. (WebM is not interactive like some loops)

In preparation to this i want to clean out my backlog of submitted loops! This means there will be a big update (hopefully) soon.
However, since there were no updates for a long time, there is now over 1000 files to check, and i could need some help for that.
I created a little tool where you can view these files and give your opinion. This will hopefully help me to sort out the bad ones (and there is a lot of junk in there).

If you want to help, send me a PM here in the board.

Also: I will close the loop upload soon. It will re-open (for WebM loops) once the conversion is done. If you have flash loops that you want to submit, do it now!

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