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Full Version: I live in Russia, any questions?
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Inspired by similar threads about US and Australia.
So any questions?
Why did you eat my lunch? :c
I was hungry and your lunch looked so tasty! Couldn't help it.
What does "cyka" mean? Huh
It means "bitch". Whoever told you that doesn't like you.
Wanna do my homework? :3

I copied the text pretty fast and can't decipher everything anymore, so what could this possibly mean:
напишите текст о там как вы самы отношене к карьеры наче y ваc иредет об чения о будущем.
Something about writing a text about some career stuff...
You should write a text about your attitude towards career.

наче y вак иредет об чения о будущем <<
Huh There's gotta be some mistake here (looks more like some other Slavic language rather than Russian) but I guess it asks about your plans on education.
It's probably russian, but I messed up with all the ш щ м и п т-curves, I guess.
As far as I can understand, they want you to write something like "I want to become an X, that's why I'm going to apply (or applied already) to the Y university and major in Z." Then add some stuff about the role of career in your life and you're done Smile
kk, thx Smile
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