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Full Version: #2490 song/anime source ?
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hello Smile
any 1 know anything about this song or video source ?
Anime - Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners
and the song source ?
I think it is the background of the Anime Wink
I've already seen the anime so it can not be the background
musik Wink
Okay whatever my tagger does not know the song as well Sad
thx for info Smile
if some 1 will find name of song let me know anyway pls Tongue
The music is "Tracktor Bowling - part 4".The album is "Tracktor Bowling"(2010)
This is the intro for the next song called "Я помню" (I remember).I cut a few seconds from the beginning and add to this track in the end.

P.S. Sorry for my English if something wrong.
thx InviGos Big Grin
o nice Big Grin
ty ty