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Full Version: Have made z0r Banner (incl. html sourcecode for using!)(swf/gif compination)
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Yes z0r SWF Banner finished !
On click it open http://z0r.de !

Download it and use it for a z0r webbanner on your homepage
Or don't download and link my  file via following html sourcecode (just copy and paste in yout code and change position: __ position: absolute; top: 15.24cm; left:9.7cm; __ ( html/css:

<SPAN class="z0rbanner" STYLE="position: absolute; top: 15.24cm; left:9.7cm;">
<A HREF="http://z0r.de">
<div class="z0rbanner">
      <IMG SRC="http://marderchen.lima-city.de//z0r_Fan_Art/z0rfan.gif"  WIDTH=337 HEIGHT=45 class="oben">
.z0rbanner { width: 337px; height: 45px;}
.oben, .unten { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; }
.oben:hover { opacity: 0;}
.oben, .unten { -ms-transition: opacity 1s; -o-transition: opacity 1s; -webkit-transition: opacity 1s; -moz-transition: opacity 1s; transition: opacity 1s;}

span class = absolut side position in cm, besouse smetimes the browser have no Flash plugin, there is also a smal gif (but the glazed tiles are not animated and a looower resulution and only 256 colors)!
is mouse is over the banner the gif goes transparent and the swf is uncover..)
it works!   :you can place the span everywhere in sourcecode.. i doing it in the last lines befor </Body>
you can change the tranparency time..

(currently finished swf : 6..  pending: 4 ) this swf was somuch work.. (890 pictures from z0r!)
(30 video timlines only for the background same files but different arrange, and the movement effects)  have set framerate @ 10fps but maybe still to fast..
http://marderchen.lima-city.de/z0r_Fan_A...s_fan0.swf  (1645kB)
http://marderchen.lima-city.de/z0r_Fan_A...s_fan2.swf  (971kB )
http://marderchen.lima-city.de/z0r_Fan_A...s_fan3.swf  371 kB lower quality version
still generating background SWF for the menubay table from my homepage (only diplayed if mousehofer href opacity.. ) using swf  .. better than gif:!  (lowe than 1/10 file size)
(([watch trace]))
*meowwwwwing =^.^=