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Full Version: need help creating a loop
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so i have the .mp3 and .gif ready for looping with Adobe Flash Pro and few things i can't accomplish:
-i can't import .mp3 to stage
-i can't make a text appears when hover mouse over it
-i don't know how to upload the .FLA to the site
i'm a beginner at this stuff and soryy if i'm asking for too much

  1. Sound
    • Drag'n'Drop the .mp3 into your Lib.
    • Click at the frame, at wich the music should start looping,
    • Go to the "settings window"
      • >Name: Choose you audio file
      • >Effect: doesn't needed
      • >Synchro: 'Start', 'Loop'

  2. Mouseover
    • Make a new layer and fill it out with black color.
      • Convert it into a movieclip.
    • Doubleclick the movieclip. Settings -> instancename (name it Smile)
    • Set the alpha of the movieclip to zero
    • Make a new layer while you are in the movieclip and use the texttool to write some shit.
      • convert the text into a movieclip. (And also give it a name)
    • copypaste the following code:
      mouseover_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, show_info);
      mouseover_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, show_info);

      function show_info(e:MouseEvent) {
          switch(e.type) {
              case MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER:
              case MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT:
      (Replace mouseover_mc and text_mc with your movieclipnames)

  3. Publish
    press 'ctrl'+'enter' to publish your flash. There will be a .swf file next to your FLA.
    You can upload your loop here: http://z0r.de/up/index.php

Cola (and give a thank to Jointi-Senpai Tongue)
i can't thank you enough Smile

but like i said earlier i'm a beginner with Adobe Flash Pro CS6 and low on experience with loops so is there any video that explains how to do the Mouseover thing? i'm sorry if i'm asking for too much
*klick* © Jointi

thank you so much! i really appreciate it