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Full Version: REALLY basic Question
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Hi Guys
I had playing with the thought of creating some own Flashs for a long time now. But I just recognized that I have NO clue how to do that....
So here are is my Question.

I have a Video downloaded from somewhere. (No clue if it is mp.4 or whatever)So, I want to cut this Video (and its Sound) and turn it into a flash animation. What is the best Freeware programm I can use?

Hope I haven´t bothered you by asking if so just ignore this post Wink
Many thanks in Advance, Thunderhoof

Sorry Dudes I haven´t watched carefully enough when I was browsing the Forum so I havent seen the Tutorial. Pls. Excuse me. If you want feel free to delete this thread.

Ps.: Please excuse my terrible English i´m not a native speaker
I aproove your avatar.