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Full Version: Gapless MP3 playback
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I'm quite new in flash, and most of teh stuff I know comes from tutorials all over the net.
One of the major issues is true gapless MP3 playback.
I've created a loop in FL Studio and cut the remainder (to loop properly)
Imported to library, attached to frame, sync to Start, loop
Even though, the playback isn't really truly gapless, i.e. the little gap is audible.
Is there anything else I could do about it?
The MP3 loops OK on newgrounds audio portal Confused
I want to know this too...
I guess it depends on the program which u use to make the flash file
convert your mp3 to wave
as falmi wrote it depends largely on which program you are using to create the swf-file.
With Adobe Flash it works like this:

open the mp3 in Audacity and zoom in closely to the beginning and end, and look if there really isn't any gap (if not, just delete the silent parts). Then export it as a .wav (you can probably do all that in FL Studio as well).

Import that new .wav-file into Flash and in the properties window of the wav-file set the compression to mp3 (this step is optional, but it greatly reduces the filesize, which is always a plus).
If you import it a mp3-file directly without converting it to .wav first it doesn't loop completely gapless for some reason.