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Full Version: I'm having a serious propblem with my loops!
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Every time I put a FLV into Flash and make it loop, it loops. But then when I make it into a SWF it works on my PC fine, but when I post it here or see if it works for other people its just White.

PLEASE HELP! Big Grin. (Sorry I'm a flash noob!)Blush
Maybe you do not embed the FLV into the SWF file.
So the SWF file has to load it from your local hard disc.

On other computers the SWF will not be able to find the source FLV to play so it shows a white frame only.
Yeah, but the thing is how can i fix this? Am i importing the FLV wrong?
It pops up a window while dropping the FLV into Adobe Flash.
There you may choose the right options Wink