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could anyone reccomend any software i could use to
- convert swf to video and vice versa
- edit videos (cutting and trimming)
- edit audio
- other audio, video and flash tools
Freeware or software you (should) pay for?
(06-03-2012, 16:45)danthe Wrote: [ -> ]Freeware or software you (should) pay for?
freeware, free, preferably without limitations, although if u can only find free trials then so be it.

As useful tool to convert stuff and which can, among many other things, even convert swf etc. is FormatFactory.
A great cutting program I use most of the time is Sony Vegas, there probably even is some sort of test version available.
A freeware at least good enough for youtube videos, flash loops and so on is the Windows Live Movie Maker. I'm certain you heard of that one already. Wink