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Full Version: How about oraganizing some z0r games?
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I figured it would be fun to play some games together, but first we would have to decide what to play.

Sooo... some ideas:
Minecraft (own server?)
Starcraft 2 (some funmaps, like Monobattle?)
Team Fortress 2 (good since its free)
Battlefield 3 (dont own this)
Call of Duty MW3 (dont own this)
or any good other ideas, like good F2P games?
Minecraft would be a nice idea!
I'm getting kind of sick of building something all alone xD
(14-01-2012, 16:39)Superneedles Wrote: [ -> ]Minecraft would be a nice idea!
I'm getting kind of sick of building something all alone xD

Yeah a Minecraft server! Come together and build up sick buldings <3
I would like to play Minecraft aswell...

are we going to play via Tunngle? or Hamachi? or does someone else has an idea?

Because i don't think everybody has the legal version of Minecraft... aswell we need to find someone whos hosting the server... someone who is able to run it almost the whole day...

I'd be in for TF2 Smile.
I do have a Server.
But it runs legaly and in Germany.

We have a couple of Mods running and the support Forum is German as well. So you might have troubles getting on the Server.

But let me know if you are interested though.
Okay, if its going to be a Minecraft server it will require the bought version (servers that dont require this are quite easy to hack, since permissions are based on playernames).
Anyway, its only like 12€ for a really good game.
Well actually, if you're so dumb that you don't even use a few plugins, you really are easy to hack. But I have a MC-Server running in Offlinemode on nitrado.net and it's no problem at all.
I'd also be up for minecraft! I've been searching for a good german server for a while, so this would be awesome.

I also play a bit of DCUO recently, other than that, I also enjoy other games like:
Starcraft 2 (occasionally, Funmaps sounds like a good time Smile )

My nick is the same everywhere (RebelMoogle), but I'll keep up with this thread. Smile
I'd be in for Minecraft, too. Nerver really started playing on a server. But SP since Alpha ... but I didn't really play in the last months ... maybe that's a good point to start playing again. : )

Perhaps I'd play some TF2 with the z0r community, too. But I'm not much into the game.

I'd also be up for:
CS 1.6
WarCraft III (funmaps)
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