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Full Version: The Vasburg Company
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Since the 8. August, The Vasburg Company is involved in the compositing and flash loop scene.* However, I want to share some of my newest flash loops with you.

[Image: aredletterday58075.jpg]

[Image: minkowskispace580x75.jpg]

[Image: restingcomfortably580x75.jpg]

[Image: calabiyau580x75.png]

[Image: apparatus580x75.jpg]
(12-09-2010, 13:42)Vasburg Wrote: [ -> ]The Vasburg Company is since the 8. August in the flash loop and compositing scene involved.
Master Yoda has taught you well Smile

Your loops remind me of this site, http://www.daysinaday.com/ It's very old, but I have never seen anything quite like it since then.

I have something new for you

[Image: sherbethead.jpg]