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Full Version: I live in Germany any Questions?
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The subject said it all
And yes it's true, in German grammar we write any nouns with a capital letter and not only main words.
That could be the reason for his mistake in the title. Rolleyes
O fuck I wont learn it Big Grin

My English is under all Pig i think i SpiderBig GrinD
Okay I have a Question: have you ever been to the Oktoberfest?

It has to be great to drink a beer and eat a bretzel in a tent of this dimension ^^
hmm... i wasn't in the outland yet Wink

my fav english sentence: i become a schnitzel Wink

i like germany, it has many of historical storys, here in osnabrück you can see the varusschlacht, there romans had been bashed by teutons Wink

and for me as a goth: the german gothic scene is one of the biggest in the world ^^

and one write a song called "live isn't easy in germany" ... in some parts i agree, in some not ^^
and hell ya, we have a woman as a president, but who cares Wink
I was at the last oktoberfest and it was very funny, because if you order a beer, you get one litre Big Grin

[Image: Eine%20Mass%20Bier%20einschenken-945174.jpg]

(02-07-2011, 23:06)Pissflitsche Wrote: [ -> ]My English is under all Pig i think i SpiderBig GrinD

Since its even in German a verb I guess more you're spinning. But of course, using spider makes its harder to understand for non Germans. Tongue