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Full Version: How did you find about z0r?
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A friend of mine randomly linked me a z0r flash, and it was a flash animation of a dildo flying over the pyramids in Egypt saying 'Egypt rocks dildos' and now I'm just sitting here browsing all the animations ;D
in Google
Google landed me here Tongue
Google search typo
from another flash site, dagobah
A friend linked it to me.
I can't remember, but I'm still here after a year and there are around 900-1000 Z0R videos in my bookmarks. I think I'm addicted, or something. Big Grin
The first one: http://z0r.de/1819
I think i found z0r.de some time in 2012, someone had made an addon for the old Gmod toybox where it was an ingame z0r player. I found that in 2012, Then when i remembed it in 2013 i found the actual website
Back in 2011-2012, I was chatting with my old pal on Skype and MSN, he was into Tech and stuff (also introduced me to GNU/Linux) but he was also a dumb memer and one day he linked me to here.
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