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Full Version: I don't live, any questions?
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Inspired by other threads. Any Questions?
You don't live? You're dead? Maybe you are zombie or something like that? Confused
How is it like...?
What do you see?
I know that feeling...
Its kind of cold, the animals like me in a way that's a little creepy, and I AM NOT A ZOMBIE! those guys have no personality or pizazz. I'm just not alive.
What do you then when you're not living?
(04-04-2011, 19:53)THD Wrote: [ -> ]What do you then when you're not living?

I would eat pizza Big Grin
Is there any sense to be like that?

At the other side this thread makes no sense, too!Big Grin
Pizza is good... but while I'm not alive I tend to be undead. sometimes i like to mix it up and become redead
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